These past few months have been a struggle for every university student especially those who are from Sabah. Sudden changes purposed by the Kementerian Pelajaran Tinggi due to the increasing cases of Covid19 in several places in Malaysia has affected the students in terms of financial constrain. #TulungSiswaKita is a project that was initiated by a group of youth to help all the underprivileged students that was affected by the CMCO in Sabah.

#TulungSiswaKita aims to provide Internet data packages in order to give B40 students all over Sabah so that they will be able to attend their online classes better.

Almost 4000 students had applied to ask for assistance, therefore with your small contribution we hope that we’ll be able to help these underprivileged students from B40 families to be able to achieve their dreams in tertiary education.


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